About us

We are proud of the tradition of our school, which began working in modest terms on September 1st, 1891, believing that it can provide its students with the knowledge and education that will guide them through life. More than 130 years have passed since the method of working of extremely strict and respected teachers to the present creative and modern communication of teachers with students. With the conscientiousness and commitment of the teachers to impart not only knowledge to the students, but to teach them how to solve problems and extend the boundaries of their knowledge, many generations of young people have come out of this school, now working in all professions across all latitudes. In our school, in addition to the General High School, there is a four-year tourist course.

Today this beacon of knowledge has 10 classrooms, 5 adequately equipped cabinets, a hall with beautiful paintings, mainly painted by former students, a subsequently built gym, a library with more than 22,000 books and magazines in Serbian and Bulgarian.

However, in addition to all the resources provided for modern and normal functioning, our school has set a much more important goal for itself. The primary mission of St. Cyril and Methodius Secondary School in Dimitrovgrad is to educate students and train them for professional challenges. The program of the school is in accordance with the developmental and educational capacities of the students and is reflected in the stimulation of intellectual, physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and moral development, preparing the students for life in modern society.

Choosing a high school is one of the most important intersections in life. Therefore, our school is the right choice, because in addition to directions that provide only practical knowledge, it also lays the foundation for various fields of science and art and gives students the opportunity to find themselves and recognize their future profession. By stimulating the creative and scientific potential of students, this school opens the door for future intellectuals who will come out of it not only ready for further development but also able to lay new foundations of knowledge for generations to come.